Please note that as of April 2022, Blackburn Stringed Instruments is no longer trading.

Bows for violins, violas and cellos

We try to maintain a varied and regular supply of bows, starting from around £100 to examples by some of the World's greatest makers.


Don't fall into the trap of over-tightening your bow! See our advice on bow care for more information.

Violin & Viola Bows

James Tubbs Bows

There were five generations of bow makers in the Tubbs family. James Tubbs was the greatest member of that family and earned himself the accolade of being Britain's finest ever bow maker.

His work is consistently fine and his choice of materials of the highest quality, in particular the superb pernambuco wood which he used for his sticks.

The Bows of Howard Green

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Howard Green is a bow maker with the highest, international reputation. His bows are used by some of the World's finest players. Despite increasing demand, Howard Green never compromises his standards. Every bow he produces is a unique, flawless example.

Blackburn Stringed Instruments is honoured to represent Howard Green as his main UK agent.

See the Howard Green website for the quality of his work and the many fine testimonials from players.

We offer the following Howard Green bows:

Modern hand made violin pernumbuco bows in silver

We supply a large stock of modern bows, all hand made and emanating from the finest workshops. These are ideal for the advancing younger player, but many are owned by good amateur players and even professionals.

The 'Col Legno' carbon fibre bow

These sell like hot cakes! They are highly regarded by students and professional players alike. They do not warp and are virtually impossible to break.

We offer these for violin, viola, cello, half and three quarter violin. The prices? Outstanding value:

Maestro Archetier

MAESTRO ARCHETIER is becoming one of the most renowned makers and suppliers of stringed instrument bows from China. We are now very happy and privileged to offer their bows, which we feel represent superiority at every level of making. They are all hand-made and offer enormous value for money.

They are made from the finest pernumbuco wood and mounted with high quality ebony and silver. They play like a dream!