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Cellos by Value

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If at any time you have a special request, like a particular instrument or bow, then please email or phone us with your details. We shall be pleased to do our best for you.

Rare and Special cellos

Ref: 100 Maker: Arthur & John Betts Origin: English Year: c.1830 Back length: 754mm Status: Sold or on approval

A very fine and rare English 'cello by Arthur and John Betts of London, made circa 1830. This unique instrument represents their finest work. It is in an almost mint condition and sold with the certificate of W. E. Hill & Sons, London.

Ref: 180 Maker: Auguste Bernadel Origin: French Year: 1862 Back length: 760mm Status: Sold or on approval

We are pleased to offer an exceptional and rare 19th Century 'cello made by the great French and Parisian maker, AUGUSTE SEBASTIAN BERNADEL (known as 'Bernadel Pere'). Instruments of this quality and condition (this 'cello is in a mint condition) appear on the market once in a lifetime, let alone the work of the great Bernadel. The 'cello contains the maker's original printed label at the rue Croix des Petits Champs, Paris, dated 1862, together with the signature of Bernadel on the inner back. Covered in a rich, deep, red-brown varnish, the 'cello has a superb, solo quality tone. (Sold with the certificate of Rampel-Vatelot at Paris, dated 2009).

£10,001 - £20,000 cellos

Ref: 183 Maker: Gustave Bazin Origin: French Year: c.1890 Back length: 757mm Status: Sold or on approval

The BAZIN family of France excelled themselves as great bow makers. GUSTAVE BAZIN, although a trained bow maker originally, concentrated his abilities and efforts into becoming an instrument maker. So good was his work, J. B. COLLIN-MEZIN employed him as his top craftsman for several years. His neat work and use of the finest wood can be seen in this 'cello from the 1890s. It is in an almost mint condition (highly rare for a 'cello of this age!) and has a superb tone.

Ref: 212 Maker: Jean Coplere Origin: French Year: 1963 Back length: 755mm

JEAN COPLERE has produced some very fine instruments and as a modern maker is very much appreciated. His work is traditional and every aspect of craftsmanship superbly worked out.

We are happy, therefore, to offer one of his 'cellos which was completed in 1963. It is beautifully made and in a perfect state, covered in a fine and pretty oil varnish of a honey-tan colour. The tone of this 'cello is full and rich and easily produced.

Ref: 192 Maker: Léon Mougenot (Gauche) Origin: French Year: 1932 Back length: 755mm Status: Sold or on approval

Léon Mougenot's ateliér at Mirecourt, France, 1918

Léon Mougenot's ateliér at Mirecourt, France, 1918

At the age of thirteen, LEON MOUGENOT began his studies with his father George Mougenot, in Brussels. After working for the famous French maker Paul Blanchard in Lyons and then Paul Jombar in Paris, he removed to London and spent a few years with the World renown firm of W. E. Hill & Sons in Bond Street.

In 1899 he returned to France and created his own famous workshop in Mirecourt where it remained operating until the début of the 1950s. A list of some of the luthiers who worked for him, is an indication of the thoroughly high quality and standard of their output. [French] Charles Enel, Max Millant, Rene Jacquemin, Lucien Schmitt, Paul Bisch, Lucien Ragot. [English] Hill. [Italian] Carlo and Leandro Bisiach.

The 'cello which we are offering was made in the workshops in 1932 [numbered '274'] and is a supreme example of their finest work. It is in a mint condition and has a resonant, rich tone.

Ref: 260 Maker: Paul Hilaire Origin: French Year: 1942 Back length: 760mm

Born in 1906 PAUL HILAIRE served his apprenticeship in the great workshop of George Apparut at Mirecourt in France. On the death of Apparut in 1948, Hilaire became the successor of this workshop which continued to produce stringed instruments of the best quality.

The 'cello which we offer here is attributed to Paul Hilaire's workshop [numbered 750] and is a fine instrument which is in a mint condition. It is sold with an original certificate of guarantee from Hilaire. The tone is full and rich.

£5,001 - £10,000 cellos

Ref: 234 Maker: French school Origin: French Year: c.1930 Back length: 752mm

This Strad copy 'cello is in a mint condition and bears the label and brand of EMILE BLONDELET at Paris. The tone is full and rich and would be a suitable instrument for an amateur player or young cellist of grade VI plus.

Ref: 261 Maker: J T Lamy Origin: French Year: c.1890 Back length: 761mm

The great firm of JEROME THIBOUVILLE-LAMY in Mirecourt, France were producing stringed instruments and bows for over a century and at every level from the beginner to the professional player. They were an international company whose products were sold throughout the world and in particular Britain, where they had a great outlet in London.

The 'cello offered here bears their special brand 'Nicholas Duchene' on the interior back of the instrument and indicates that it is an instrument intended to be played by an advanced, young player; an instrument capable to be used to Diploma standard and even beyond. It is made from attractive wood, covered in a mid-brown coloured varnish and is in a mint condition. The tone is very responsive and with a well of power which can be tapped into.

New hand-made cellos

In addition to the older instruments recommended for students (up to about grade VIII standard), we are delighted to offer hand-made instruments from two of the finest workshops in China. The images, where shown, give a good indication of their high quality. We choose them for their exceptional craftsmanship and choice of wood, many of which are made from European wood (Balkan maple and Italian spruce) and also the use of a superb oil varnish, tastefully antiqued. They are finished and set up in our workshop with the finest fittings, strings and materials, in order to offer a sound of the highest quality.

Ref: 152 Maker: (various) Origin: Chinese Year: n/a Size: [various]

Indicative price range: £1,600 - £2,800.

Ref: 160 Maker: (various) Origin: Chinese Year: n/a Back length: 760mm Status: Sold or on approval

Another superb example of a hand made cello from one of the best Chinese workshops. This Strad copy is in a perfect state and made from the finest wood and covered in a rich red-brown varnish. The tone is deep, rich and easily produced. £3,000.