Please note that as of April 2022, Blackburn Stringed Instruments is no longer trading.

Repairs and restorations

Blackburn Stringed Instruments offers a first class repair and restoration service on all bowed stringed instruments, except for the double bass.


We pride ourselves particularly on the quality of our tonal 'set-up' on stringed instruments (i.e. the fitting of the bridge, sound post, pegs and strings).

Every instrument which we sell is offered in as near a perfect condition as possible.

The following price list (which is an indicator only) shows the most frequently requested repairs. Prices are for labour only and do not include the cost of materials. A written estimate will be provided before any work is undertaken.

  Violin & Viola Cello
New Bridge £120 £170
New sound post £50 £70
New saddle £70 £80
New nut £70 £80
New pegs £130 £160
New fingerboard and nut £150 £190
Fingerboard shooting £60 £70

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you have done on my violin. I am so happy I brought it to you – I’ve had a chance to play it properly this evening and it really feels as though it has found its voice at last. It looks wonderful too. I feel awful now that I even considered changing it..!

Jane Anderson - violinist (August 2018)