Please note that as of April 2022, Blackburn Stringed Instruments is no longer trading.

Service Quality and Fair Pricing

With over fifty years of experience, we know only too well how important is to provide a good service that is recognised for its quality. Every effort is made by us to see that our prices are fair and competitive.

Valuations and opinions

Our fees are based on value, thus:

  Verbal Written
Instrument or bow valued up to £2,000 £30 £60
Instrument or bow valued £2,001 to £5,000 £40 £70
Instrument or bow valued £5,001 to £10,000 £50 £80
Instrument or bow valued £10,001 plus £70 £130

Additional items valued at the same time will be charged at half the above fees.

Instruments and bows already recorded with us can be updated (written update) at any time for a fee of £15.

Instruments and bows bought from us may have their values updated and increased free of charge.


Clients who purchase an item from us which in value, exceeds £5,000, are entitled to a certificate of authenticity which includes full colour photographs. There is no charge fro this service.

We are also able to supply a certificate of authenticity for owner's own instruments or bows which were not bought from us. The cost of this service, which includes the valuation of the item, the preparation of the certificate with full, endorsed, coloured photographs is 3.5% of the value of the item.

Condition reports

Every instrument or bow bought from us will be issued with a condition report, unless of course it is in a mint condition. It will give precise details (including an illustration) of every repair and restoration we are able to detect.


Allianz musical instrument insurance

Protect your valuable instrument or bow with an up to date, professional valuation. Blackburn Stringed Instruments has been a main agent for the Allianz (formerly British Reserve Insurance - part of the Cornhill Group) for over 25 years and can offer a highly qualified service.

'Buy-back guarantee'

Any client who bought an instrument or bow from us previously and wishes to upgrade that item (or go to a larger instrument or bow in the case of a young player) and is able to find that item from us can, if they so wish, put in part exchange the original instrument or bow, at the price paid, provided no repairs have been done to the item in addition to those stated on the original condition report (excepting minor wear and tear).

The care and preservation of stringed instruments

A printed pamphlet is available, which gives a lot of helpful and necessary information on keeping an instrument in first class condition and particularly indicating the correct way to attach strings to pegs. The content can also be found on our instrument care page.